We all know remote controlled cars are fun for a while but if your anything like me they become boring real fast, rock crawlers on the other hand are a lot more exiting and you can take them just about anywhere which make them a lot more fun to drive.

The problem is how to choose the best RC rock crawler? It doesn’t matter if your a beginner or professional it’s always best to get a good quality one. We made bestrcrockcrawler.com as a guide to help you choose the best RC crawler that simply blows your friends or competition away.

Check out our guide below and read our RC rock crawler reviews, which we hope will save you time, money and also give you a better idea of how to pick the perfect remote control crawler for you.

The Ultimate Guide For RC Rock Crawlers

ImageTitlePowerSave %RatingReviews
Redcat Racing Rockslide-RS10-XT-24 Crawler, Black/BlueElectric
Slickrock 1/18th Rock BuggyElectric
1/10th Scale 2.4Ghz Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTRElectric

1/8Th Mad Torque Rock Crawler Ready to Run (Blue)Electric
Exceed RC 1/8 scale 6x6 MadTorque Crawler 2.4ghz Ready to RunElectric
1/16th Scale 2.4Ghz Exceed RC MaxStone 4WD Powerful Electric Remote Control Rock Crawler 100% RTRElectric
Maisto Tech Green Rock Crawler Remote Control CarElectric
Axial AX90019 AX10 Ridgecrest RTR CrawlerElectric
Vaterra Twin Hammers 1.9 Rock Racer RTRElectric
Traxxas 67044 Telluride Extreme Terrain 4 x 4 RC Truck, 1/10 ScaleElectric
Axial Racing 90020 Axial Wraith 1/10th 4WD Electric Rock Racer KitElectric
Axial AX90028 SCS10 Jeep Wrangler RTR RC TruckElectric
Axial Ax9ial Ax90027 SCX10 Jeep Wrangler Kit RC CarElectric
Axial Racing 90021 Axial 1/10 SCX10 4WD Kit with Dingo BodyElectric
1/10 Night Crawler RTRElectric
Axial Racing 90022 Axial 1/10 SCX10 Trail Honch Electric 4WD RTRElectric
Proline 331060 1973 Ford Bronco CGR Body with CGR Roll CageElectric
Gmade 52000 Sawback Crawler Kit (Scale 1/10)Electric
Tamiya 1/10 RC Toyota Land Cruiser 40 - CR01Electric

Gas Powered RC Rock Crawlers Vs Electric RC Rock Crawlers

The Gas Powered RC Rock Crawlers…

The first one is the gas powered rock crawler. Gas rc crawlers run by using specially formulated fuel and will take a bit of learning when starting out. These gas powered rc’s are known to give more power and are generally a lot quicker than battery power. They are fast, fun and easy to run once you have done it a few times but they still have some flaws that some people may not want to deal with.

One common problem is the noise they make. Nitro powered rc’s are pretty noisy so they may not suit everyone or the area you plan on running the crawler. They can also produce a bit of smoke when running so using indoors is not a great idea. At the same time gas powered rc’s can run longer than the electric models and are easy to re-fuel.

The Electric Rc Rock Crawlers…

The second option is the electric version. These are rather quiet when running and generally less powerful than the Nitro version but these days you can upgrade the motors, and other parts that give these a lot more power. There are some really fast electric rc crawlers now, for the most part they are easier to maintain than gas powered cars as well.

The disadvantages of the electric/battery powered rock crawlers are the batteries run out pretty quick. Unless you have more back up batteries charging while running the usage can be annoying to some. The electric rc’s are more suited for beginners or for users just looking to have fun around the streets where people won’t get annoyed from noise.

How Good Are Remote Control Rock Crawlers?

Here is a great video showing how Rc Crawlers work for climbing, with good grip and torque they can pretty much go over anything.

Rc Rock Crawlers Kits Or Out Of The Box Use?

The next thing buyers need to think of is should you buy a rock crawler kit or an rc that’s ready to go.

The Kits: If you buy a kit you will need to follow the included instructions if you want your rc to actually work and look the way it was supposed to. You can save a little bit of money buying a kit, but not always. The other thing is Kits are fun to build and will give better knowledge of the inner workings of the car.

Out Of The Box: This type is exactly what is says, you open the box, charge the batteries and the rc is ready to run.

Again, the choice you make will depend on what you want, time and if you want to learn how to build the rock crawler yourself.

How Much Are Rc Rock Crawlers?

Rc Crawlers prices vary a lot depending on what you want, for a cheap beginners crawler that’s half decent and “just ok” to start with can start at about $50. For a fast, high quality one you can pay over $200 and way up depending on the features you want. If you have the budget your much better paying a little more to get a good quality one.

Rock Crawler Reviews – Our Top 3 Picks

Slickrock Rock Buggy ReviewSlickrock 1/18th Rock Buggy

The Slickrock 1/18th Rock Buggy is a great example of a quality crawler, although it’s only had a handful of owner reviews they have been positive. With a rating of 5 out of 5 stars, this Crawler had to be on our list.

What you get: The SlickRock is a permanent 4WD with muli-link suspension, making it strong enough to handle a fair bit of punishment. The water proof electrics allows users to not have to worry about puddles, rain or even snow.

Powered by the Dynamite Tazer 380 motor provides the torque needed to keep it going up. If you need fast this is not the one, built mainly for crawling. Over-all a tough, very easy to control RC, that lasts a long time on a single battery.


Axial AX10 Ridgecrest CrawlerAxial AX10 Ridgecrest Crawler

Next on the list is the Axial AX10 Ridgecrest RTR Crawler this ready to run crawler has many quality features like 4WD Dana 60 Inspired axles, Wild Boar splined drive shafts.

Powered by a 20t brushed motor, not very fast but high torque and locked diff keep it gripping. Electronic speed control with throttle trim and the battery indicator lets you know when your running low.

The battery tray is also adjustable to suit different batteries (NiMH stick or LiPo packs). While the Ridgecrest is not as customizable as the Axial Wraith, it’s a great choice for users who want a good all-rounder without the need to modify, straight out of the box.


Mad Torque Rock CrawlerMad Torque Rock Crawler

A decent crawler at a good price, the Mad Torque Rock Crawler is a good all round RC, with grippy wheels and a high enough chassis to eliminate bottoming out this a good, well priced product.

This one has full ball bearings throughout the RC, the multilink suspension keeps it stable and smoothly running on rough rocks. This was made to be a true crawler, with quality parts used to pretty much go anywhere. To make it strong most of the parts are made from aluminium. Upgrades are cheap and the Mad Torque can easily be modified to suit any user.

Your Turn! What Crawler Will You Pick?

We really hope our guide will help you choose the best remote controlled rock crawlers, these are a fun and exiting rc to use. Just remember to choose the one you like that fits your needs and is in your price range. Don’t forget to check out our rc rock crawler reviews where we give you all the facts, good and bad.